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Job Guaranteed Course - Bank Officer

​To be eligible for placement assistance following additional eligibility criteria is required: ≥ 50% in Class X,XII, /Graduation

The focus of the program is to craft proficient entry-level professionals who are proficient in banking and finance domain, along with sales and customer relationship management skills. The program creates much sought-after, industry-ready professionals for the Banking & Finance sector. The program is offered with 100% placement assistance with partner organizations who are some of the leaders in the Banking & Finance sector.
– Broad holistic understanding of the Banking & Finance industry
– Detailed knowledge about various banking products and services
– Master the skills and techniques for selling banking and financial products
– Tally ERP.9 software latest modules: TDS (Tax Deducted at Source) and GST (Goods and Services Tax)
– Analysis of the investment needs of customers and customize their portfolios
– Tools and Techniques of Financial Analysis using Excel
– How to manage customer relationships
– Retail banking operations including hands-on experience in Finacle
– Application of SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics & Cloud) in Banking & Finance
– Blockchain technology and bitcoins along with the regulatory concerns/challenges
– How to prepare and deliver a professional presentation
– Professional skills and cracking your first interview

Program Overview

– Overview of Banking and Finance

– Banking Products & Services

– Financial Planning & Wealth Management

– Retail branch operation

– Managing sales, sales team and pipeline

– SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) in Banking & Finance

– Persuasion & Negotiation Techniques

– Customer Relationship

– Professional skills

– Making effective presentation

– Working with Tally. ERP

– Financial Analysis using Excel

– Overview of Financle

1. Who should join this course?

Graduate Learners from any stream who want to have a rewarding career in Banking & Finance (B & F) industry.

2. Why is this course unique?

The design of the curriculum is path-breaking and includes several aspects, each one designed to build a strong foundation for the domain, and help the Learner gain an ability for constant learning, not just for his first job but for life.

– Project-based learning helps the Learner apply his knowledge into projects that simulate real-world situations.

– Objective-driven sessions constantly keep the Learner and his mentor focused on the immediate task at hand while constantly ascending a well-defined spiral of learning.

– A telescopic laying out of the three Terms in each Career Series Program provide a clear line of sight and a pursuit of a destination and shall give confidence to the Learner on the end objectives.

– Guided Practice (GP) offers every Learner an opportunity to polish his learning at a pace that is comfortable for him. In a stress-free environment, Guided Practice enables the Learner to also go beyond the classroom inputs and build more practice hours– something that his potential employers will find valuable and different. Guided Practice is technology based and can be undertaken at Learner’s convenience, at home or any other stress free environment. It is embedded within the Program between the Terms.

3. What are the key features and benefits of the program?

Key features and benefits are:

Unique Curriculum: The Program covers almost all the important concepts of the B & F industry. Instead of narrowing down on specific topics pertaining to specific sectors like banking or insurance, the student will have an exposure to the entire width of the B & F industry.

Distinct Program Design & Delivery Mechanism: The entire Program is classified into three distinct terms that consist of modules. The delivery for the entire career Program is customized for the convenience of the undergraduate and graduate segments.

Healthy Mix of Technical Skills & Soft Skills: This Program intends to train not only the banking and financial skills and concepts to the Learners but also the soft skills like persuasion and negotiation techniques, selling skills, customer relationship management skills which have assumed great importance in today’s B&F industry.

Extensive hands-on skills: The student will gain competence on the most popular banking software in India i.e. Finacle and the most widely used accounting software in India i.e. Tally.

Guided Practice: Apart from the regular Instructor Led Training (ILT) classroom sessions, the Learners will have access to online lessons on, which will be available on a self-paced mode.

Expert Faculty with domain knowledge will deliver the Program. This will help the leaner to apply concepts in real world.

Placement Assisted Program: Learners successfully completing all 3 Terms of the Program and meeting Placement norms will be eligible for Placement Assistance and Learner will be facilitated for his/her first job; in accordance with the Learner Academic Policy.

4. What topics are covered as a part of the curriculum?

Topics covered will be:

– Overview of Banking and Finance, Banking Products & Services, Persuasion & Negotiation Techniques, Working with Tally.ERP9

– Financial Planning & Wealth Management, Financial Analysis using Excel, Customer Relationships, Working with Tally.ERP9

– Overview of Fintech, Retail Branch Operations, SMAC (Social Media, Mobile, Analytics, Cloud) in Banking & Finance, Managing Sales Pipeline & Sales Team, Professional Skills Training, Making Effective Presentation etc.

5. What are the pre-requisites for the enrollment?

Eligibility criteria is: ≥ 50% in Class X, XII, Graduation